Workstation Risk Assessment

A highly configurable online Workstation Risk Assessment module that enables organisations to quickly carry out workstation assessments on large numbers of employees.

Our online Workstation Risk Assessment module is the most advanced Workstation compliance software available.

Users complete the online training first before moving on to the workstation Risk Assessment which has been designed to help users solve the majority of their issues themselves. It provides configurable advice directly to employees so that concerns can be immediately resolved. This means, on average, 70% less issues need addressing by administrators. Alternatively, a personal risk assessment task list can load at the end of the questionnaire so that employees can see and action all their issues. For any question requiring more detail than a multiple choice answer, the system can request a free text response.

Any issues that can not be resolved at source by the user are flagged up to Assessors/line managers/Health & Safety – whoever is responsible for resolving Ergonomic risks via our powerful Compliance Management System. Workstation Risk assessment issues are prioritized so users that need the most urgent attention are seen faster and a full audit trail can be recorded for the resolution of each issue.

Unique feature

Our system proactively encourages completion of any Workstation Risk assessment questionnaire you roll-out via automated emails, delivering high take-up rates.

All online risk assessments are entirely editable throughout their use. Adjust questionnaires and user advice to meet new technologies and evolving requirements, without compromising historical data. As employees leave, archive and retain risk assessment records for as long as necessary, improving claims defensibility.

Case Studies