Workstation Ergonomic Compliance Reports

Reporting functionality enables you to track overall compliance against legislation and business objectives, at global and local levels, for any time period.

As well as providing an enjoyable, engaging and beneficial user experience, ErgoWize gives assessors and administrators a comprehensive reporting suite to action risks raised.

We set up an organisational structure for you so that when assessors/administrators log in, they will only see issues raised by employees under their responsibility. Drill down reports allow for full trend analysis of risk issues raised, and because our reports are dynamic, you can drill down into the detail with a click of your mouse.

Our Compliance dashboard also provides a unique view of how your roll out of training and assessments is going. The Compliance module also provides closed loop training - it can import your users from a third party system, auto enrol them on the course and assessment, automatically send reminder emails and then also auto re-enrol users every 12 months (or whatever time frame your organisation prefers). Which leaves assessors and administrators free to do their job rather than trying to run the system.

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