Resolving Workstation Ergonomic concerns

Thanks to our system almost 80% of concerns can be either self resolved or bulk resolved. It means only 20% of concerns will require a your detailed attention!

Using our system, those managing the workstation assessment process are able to quickly identify staff in most need of attention, as risks raised are prioritised based on a traffic light system; high, medium or low. Risk can also be sorted on a trend basis so that multiple occurrences of the same issue can be dealt with at the same time.

At the same time, our system provides configurable advice directly to employees during the Risk Assessment Process so that concerns can be immediately resolved. This means, on average, 70% less issues need addressing by administrators. Alternatively, a personal workstation assessment task list can load at the end of the questionnaire so that employees can see and action all their issues. For any question requiring more detail than a multiple choice answer, our software can request a free text response.

Case Studies