Workstation Ergonomic Software

Software that helps large organizations to achieve DSE / VDU compliance across your entire workforce quickly and effectively.


Workstation Training + AssessmentThe complete Workstation Ergonomics system

Workstation Ergonomics Training

By completing this Workstation Ergonomics online course, organizations and employees will benefit from an increased awareness of the related hazards and instruction on how to avoid them.

Online Workstation Assessment

This Workstation Assessment module has been designed to help users solve the majority of their issues themselves. Issues that they are unable to resolve can be escalated for further action by a manager / ergonomist.


Drill down reports allow for full trend analysis of Ergonomic risk issues raised, and because our reports are dynamic, you can drill down into the detail with a click of your mouse.

dse training

The Award Winning Workstation Ergonomics Online Solution

ErgoWize, eLearning from EssentialSkillz

ErgoWize – Workstation Ergonomics Training is an online course that instructs employees in the correct set up and safe use of their computer workstation. Interactive, engaging and educational - this course is 100% editable so you can tailor the training and advice to suit your organization and your policies.

Online Workstation Assessment

Ensure Workstation Ergonomic Compliance with our powerful 3-step process

With our system you are fully in control of the Online Workstation Assessment process. You can deploy, manage and resolve all related concerns in one system.

Employees complete our online, interactive Workstation Ergonomics course. The course covers everything your employees need to know about working safely at their workstation and is fully editable.

After your employees complete the eLearning course, a Workstation Assessment is triggered automatically by the system. This ensures the employees are assessed immediately after completing the required training.

The Online Workstation Assessment allows users to self resolve low risk issues and escalate high risk issues. This significantly reduces the number of risks escalated to the system, reducing administration time required.

Ergonomic Compliance Reports

Track compliance and non-compliance with our powerful analytics

Drill down reports allow for full trend analysis of Workstation risk issues raised and because our reports are dynamic, you can drill down into the detail with a click of your mouse.

Ergonomic Training and Workstation Assessment for Large Organisations

More than 400 customers have already improved their Workstation Ergonomics compliance with ErgoWize


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EssentialSkillz is a leading global supplier of online compliance solutions. Established in 2001, EssentialSkillz has offices in the UK, US and Ireland and is recognised as a market leader for compliance training and sign off.




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We’re proud to be the choice for some of the leading organisations across the globe. We have clients in all sectors - from universities, manufacturers, retail, construction, financial and leisure.

One of the key benefits of the ErgoWize DSE Online eLearning software is the ability to customise the content. Additionally EssentialSkillz have constantly supported E.ON quietly and efficiently.


My sincere thanks extend to the very enthusiastic team at EssentialSkillz whose dedication and commitment has ensured that our high expectations have been met.

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The benefits of having the DSE training online allow employees to complete the assessment whilst at their workspace using their work equipment.